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  Sep 15 2004 - Firestarter 1.0 Preview Builds Available

Preview builds of what will eventually become Firestarter 1.0 are now available for testing. The changes made to the new version are extensive:

  • Every part of the interface has been rethought, from the menus and toolbar to the system tray icon
  • Includes a new status summary page (Screenshot)
  • New policy system allows creation of both inbound and outbound access policy
  • Visual tracking of established connections and traffic routed through the firewall
  • Option to whitelist or blacklist sites and traffic
  • Sets up DHCP service for a local network, it's as easy as ticking off a checkbox
  • ... and a whole lot more. You're just going to have to try it out for yourself

In addition to the source, binary packages are available for Fedora Core 2. We recommended that you uninstall any old versions first if you are using RPM packages.

Join the mailing list to discuss the beta, or send us your feedback and suggestions directly.

Download Firestarter 0.9.9 beta now!

  May 3 2004 - Firestarter 0.9.3 Available

Firestarter 0.9.3 is now available. A big thanks to all the contributors, we were very happy to see so many patches this time, and to all the testers that provided input for this version. This version contains a mix of both feature enhancements and bug-fixes.

Major changes since previous version:

  • New logo and program icon
  • GConf based configuration system
  • Firewall events no longer spam the system console
  • Firewall policy changes (Paul Drain):
    • Support for the new IPV4OPTSSTRIP netfilter module
    • UNCLEAN matches have been deprecated
    • The INVALID match now works for outgoing packets
    • Forward chain defaults to block, even if not using multiple networks
    • Removed the LRTCP target
    • Set FIN timeout to 30 seconds (Manuel J. Galan Moreno)
    • Many more small tweaks
  • Non-routable networks check is now in a chain of its own, fixes LAN problems when using Firestarter on an already once NATed machine (Peter Harvey)
  • The list of non-routable networks is now user updatable and kept in /etc/firestarter/non-routables
  • Added support for user defined pre and post scripts as /etc/firestarter/user-pre and user-post
  • Fixed problem with pppd not running firewall script (Boris Huisgen)
  • Fixed "Unknown Error" dialogs in GNOME, especially when run remotely (Phillip Compton)
  • Updated list of known services (Brian Hurley)
  • Fixed problem with no hits showing up in GUI
  • Fixed crash in KDE3 when contents of system tray changes (Hetfield)
  • Fixed some small Linux 2.6 kernel detection problems (Mark Bidewell)
  • Various Slackware specific fixes (Rene Vahtel)
  • New translations: Albanian (Laurent Dhima), Croatian (Robert Sedak), Punjabi (Jaswinder Singh), Canadian English (Adam Weinberger)
  • Many updates to existing translations
  • A whole lot of small fixes here and there :)

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  Apr 23 2004 - New Packages and Beta Available

The download page has been updated with new packages of Firestarter 0.9.2 for Mandrake 10. Firestarter has also now for a while already been packaged for Slackware and Gentoo (just "emerge firestarter"!). Thanks to all the package builders! Now only SuSE packages are missing (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more?).

There will also be beta packages of Firestarter 0.9.3 available from time to time here for those wanting to get a sneak peek at what's coming up.