Firestarter Manual

This manual is intended for Firestarter versions 0.9.1 to 0.9.3.


A quick overview of Firestarter.


How to download and install Firestarter for your platform.

Getting Started

Shows how to quickly generate your first firewall.

The Components of Firestarter

The Main Interface & Basic Usage
Presenting the graphical interface of Firestarter.

The Wizard
An in depth look at all of the features of the Wizard.

The Hits View
Shows you how to use the Hits view and create rules from hits.

The Rules View
Explains how the rules system operates and how to create rules.

Tells you how to further customize Firestarter using the preferences dialog.

Tray Application (Notification Area)
The tray application notifies you of firewall activity.

Advanced Topics

NAT - Internet Connection Sharing
Walks you trough how to share an Internet connection among several computers.

Persistence of the Firewall
What happens when you reboot? How the firewall is started and the system init scripts.

Kernel Requirements
Read this to find out what you need to enable if you are compiling your own kernel.

Firestarter From CVS

Getting the very latest version of Firestarter.

The Firestarter License

Copying and distributing Firestarter.